About Zakoia

Zakoia was founded by Melbourne dreamers, Steph and Courtney. After having worked together for a number of years, the pair decided to take a leap of faith and quit their respective corporate jobs, to pursue a dream they'd only ever whispered about. It was then, they had the freedom to create their very own brand - Zakoia,  which encompassed everything they loved about life - the ocean, individuality and timelessness.

5 Jewellery Trends to Follow in 2020

Layered Ear Piercings

If you're all about pushing your fashion boundaries, why not try layering your earrings.  Each piece should be delicate and unique but relate to each other thematically. Think, cosmic celestial elements like lightning bolts, stars, moons or horoscopes. Piercings going up the ear in a second row or inset hero pieces create an effortlessly cool effect.

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