Our Purpose - A Healthier Ocean

A big inspiration behind Zakoia has always been the ocean. We take inspiration from not only the things to be found in the ocean like pearls and shells, but also the sense of calmness and simplicity you feel when you’ve got your toes dipped in the sea.

We wanted Zakoia to be a brand that not only sold fashion forward ocean-inspired peices, but also did something to fix the current state of our oceans. We’re in the midst of an ocean plastic crisis, which has far-reaching consequences around the planet. It is estimated that 16 billion pounds of plastic makes its way into the ocean every year, polluting the habitat of millions of marine species and contributing to a decline in biodiversity on this planet.

That’s why 5% of our profits each year will go directly to 4Ocean, an organisation founded by two surfers Andrew Cooper & Alex Schulze who have already in the last two years, physically pulled 4,517,377 pounds of plastic trash out of the ocean and recycled it into wearable bracelets.

We’re so excited to be supporting them and have set ourselves a lofty goal - to help remove 100 pounds of plastic each year with our donations.

We hope you are as excited as we are, knowing that with every Zakoia purchase, you’re helping to clean up our beautiful ocean.

Steph & Courtney


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